Going beyond finding bugs


Detailed Workflow Testscripts

Amelus Digital can provide detailed workflow testscripts, where we take your user stories, (and create them for you), to deliver you a testscript where every possible action has been taken to ensure quality has been achieved.

The testscripts do not stop at bugs, we also provide feedback for the result of each action taken from the perspective of a game designer, in order to assist your studio in achieving their quality goals.

Any bugs we find we can integrate straight into any bug tracking software for you.

We can be there for you the entire way through the project development, or at the major milestones, we strive for flexibility.

Our services are extremely flexible, and you receive a fixed cost based on what you want done, and not an ambiguous hourly fee.


Amelus Digital can also provide smoketests, best suited for smaller projects or client milestones. You will receive a high-level test script report and integration of bugs into your bug tracking software. 

Consultation for smoketest testing we can prioritise and fast-track for your convenience.



We can provide QA Solutions for your VR project in Gear VR or HTC Vive. We strive to assist local studios in delivering quality experiences to their customers and clients.


After shipping over five different mobile titles, and two receiving features from the App Store, can provide quality assurance to assist your studio in reaching its goals on the mobile platform.


We also provide professional quality assurance solutions for PC/Mac/Linux games.